120 grams of magnesium interact with oxygen, how many liters of oxygen you need to take for this reaction.

Magnesium is a metal of the second group of the main subgroup of the periodic system. The metal burns brightly in oxygen to form a white powder – magnesium oxide MgO.

2 Mg + O2 = 2 MgO

The molar mass of magnesium is 24 g / mol; molar volume of oxygen at normal conditions is equal to 22.4 l / mol (according to Avogadro’s law).

Let’s compose the proportion according to the reaction equation:

120 g of magnesium corresponds to Chl of oxygen, as

2 * 24 g / mol of magnesium corresponds to 2 * 22.4 l / mol of oxygen.

X = (120 * 2 * 22.4) / (2 * 24) = 112 liters of oxygen.

Answer: the volume of oxygen is 112 liters.

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