A 16-color drawing contains 500 bytes of information, how many points does it consist of?

First, let us determine what information volume is carried by one point of a 16-color drawing.

i – information volume of one pixel, N = 16 – number of colors. These two values are connected by the formula N = 2i, therefore 16 = 2i, i = 4 bits.

To find out how many points (K) a figure consists of, containing 500 bytes of information (I), we first translate the bytes into bits, remembering that 1 byte = 8 bits:

500 bytes = 500 * 8 bits = 4000 bits.

Now let’s use the formula:

K = I / i = 4000/4 = 1000 (points) – contains a picture.

Answer: 1000 points.

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