A body thrown from a horizontal tower 6m high fell 8m from the base of the tower. What is the movement of the body.

To find the displacement of the thrown body, we use the Pythagorean theorem (the vectors of horizontal and vertical displacements are perpendicular to each other): S = √ (Sv ^ 2 + Sg ^ 2).

Values of variables: Sв – vertical movement (tower height; Sв = 6 m); Sg – horizontal displacement (distance between the base of the tower under consideration and the place of fall; Sg = 8 m).

Let’s perform the calculation: S = √ (Sv ^ 2 + Sg ^ 2) = √ (6 ^ 2 + 8 ^ 2) = 10 m.

Answer: The body has moved 10 meters.

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