A brown-eyed woman with normal vision, marry a blue-eyed man. Brown eyes – A, a-blue. What will the child be like?

Let us designate the gene that determines the development of the dominant brown eye color as K, then the gene that determines, if the genotype is homozygous for it, the development of blue eyes, will be designated as k.

A blue-eyed male will have genotypes kk. It is capable of producing one type of sperm – k.

A brown-eyed woman can be both homo- and heterozygous. Let’s consider both options.

Let’s say a woman is homozygous for the brown eyes gene – KK. She produces the same type of K eggs. The offspring from a marriage with a blue-eyed man will be uniform, represented by heterozygous Kk children with brown eyes;

Let’s say a woman is heterozygous for the eye color gene – Kk. Then she will produce two types of eggs – K and k. From a marriage with a blue-eyed man, offspring may appear, represented by the following options: brown-eyed heterozygous children (Kk) – 50%, blue-eyed homozygous children (kk) – 50%.

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