A rectangular plot of land surrounded by a 40m fence. Plot area 96m2. Find the length of the sides of the section.

To solve the problem, we must introduce two variables X and Y, which will denote the length and width of the section, respectively. We now have to remember two formulas. First finding the perimeter of the rectangle: P = 2x + 2y. The second formula is the formula for finding the area of a rectangle. It looks like this: S = x * y. We get the system of equations:

2x * 2y = 40;

x * y = 96.

Now it needs to be solved. We solve and get:

x = 8 (m) – the length of the section;

y = 12 (m) is the width of the site.

Answer: the length of the section is 8 meters, the width is 12 meters.

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