Angle A = 60 degrees, B 1.5 times. Find the angles B, C?

A triangle is three points that do not lie on one straight line, connected by segments. In this case, the points are called the vertices of the triangle, and the segments are called its sides.

Since the angle ∠В is one and a half times larger than the angle А, then:

∠В = ∠А ∙ 1.5;

∠В = 60º ∙ 1.5 = 90º.

Since the sum of all angles of any triangle is 180º, then:

∠А + ∠В + ∠С = 180º;

∠С = 180º – ∠А – ∠В;

∠С = 180º – 60º – 90º = 30º.

Answer: the angle ∠В is equal to 90º, the angle ∠С is equal to 30º.

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