Are there large areas of maritime climate in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere? Why?

The northern hemisphere is from 0 * to 40 * warmer than the southern not only on the continents, but also in the middle of the oceans, and the higher the latitude, the greater the temperature preponderance in a purely maritime climate. In latitudes from 50 * to almost 70 * northern latitude there is more land than seas, and these relatively small seas are affected by a greater mass of warm water than the vast oceans of the southern hemisphere at the same latitudes – large because a significant amount of water from the tropics the southern hemisphere falls into the northern, moreover, there is almost no land at 50 * and 60 * southern latitudes. The difference between the maritime climates of the northern and southern hemispheres under 45 * -55 * indicates that the climate of the former is about 30 higher than the maritime climates of the southern hemisphere.

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