At what speed did the pedestrian move if he covered 0.8 km in 1 minute?

To make it clear and convenient, I will decompose the process of solving the problem into points from 1 to 4.

1) We know that 1 kilometer (km) equals 1000 meters (m), which means that 0.8 km multiplied by 1000 m is equal to 800 m.

2) We know that V is the speed of movement, S is the distance traveled, t is the time of the distance traveled, we also need to find the speed of the pedestrian, so the formula will be V = S: t.

3) We already know the formula for solving the problem and the number S = 800 m, t = 1 minute, it remains for us to find the speed of movement (V) for this task, for this we only need to substitute the numbers into the formula.

4) Substitute the numbers into the formula, it will be something like.
V = 800/1 = 800 (km / h), you can still solve this as V = 800/60 (in seconds) = 13.3 (km / s).

Answer: 800 kilometers per hour (km / h) or 13.3 kilometers per second (km / s).

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