Blue dominates white, crossed blue flower and white. Identify 1st generation hybrids.


A – blue flower;

a – white flower.

Define F1.


If a blue flower is heterozygous (i.e., contains different alleles of the same gene), then we denote it Aa. A white flower is a recessive trait, denoted by aa.

F1 Aa x aa

/ \

Aa Aa    aa aa

This gives 50% blue Aa flowers and 50% white aa flowers.

If the blue flower is homozygous, then we denote it AA. When crossing it with a white flower in the first generation, we get the following:

F1 AA x aa

/ \

Aa Aa    Aa Aa

All 100% of the first generation hybrids will have blue flowers.

Answer: 1) 50% blue flowers, 50% white flowers (if the blue flower is heterozygous).

2) 100% blue flowers (if the blue flower is homozygous).

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