Burned hexane. Calculate the mass of the burned hydrocarbon if 50 dm3 of gas has been released as a result.

1) We assume that combustion took place under normal conditions, the evolved CO2 gas. (dm3 = l);
2) Calculate the amount of mol of CO2: Vm = 22.4 l / mol, n (CO2) = 50 / 22.4 = 2.23 mol;
3) Determine the amount of mol of hexane: 2n (C6H14) = 12n (CO2), n (C6H14) = (1/6) * n (CO2) = 0.372 mol;
4) Calculate the mass of burnt hexane: M (C6H14) = 86 g / mol, m (C6H14) = 0.372 * 86 = 32 g
Answer: 32 g

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