Calculate the mass fraction of Oxygen in formic acid.

Let’s write down the chemical formula of formic acid:
To determine the mass fraction of an element in a substance, we use the formula:
w (e-ta) = (M (e-ta) / M (in-va)) * 100%.
Let us determine the molar masses of formic acid and oxygen in it:
M (HCOOH) = 1 + 12 + 16 + 16 + 1 = 46 g / mol.
There are two oxygen atoms in formic acid, we get:
M (O) = 2 * 16 = 32 g / mol.
Let’s substitute the numbers in the formula to determine the mass fraction of the element:
w (O2) = (M (O2) / M (HCOOH)) * 100% = (32/46) * 100% = 69.6%
Answer: the mass fraction of oxygen in formic acid is 69.6%.

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