Calculate the mass of iron reacted with sulfur if 44 g of sylph is formed (2)

1.Let’s find the amount of iron (II) sulfide substance.

M (FeS) = 56 + 32 = 88 g / mol.

n = m: M.

n = 44 g / mol: 88 g / mol = 0.5 mol.

Fe + S = FeS.

2.According to the reaction equation, 1 mole of iron accounts for 1 mole of iron sulfide. Substances are in quantitative ratios of 1: 1. This means that their amount of substances will be the same.

n (Fe) = 0.5 mol.

3.Let’s find the mass of iron by the formula:

m = nM,

M (Fe) = 56 g / mol.

m = 56 g / mol х0.5 mol = 28 g.

Answer: 28 g.

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