Compare a lake and a river and point out their similarities and differences.

The river is a large natural water stream that flows along the channel from source to mouth.

A lake is a naturally occurring body of water in the form of a bowl filled with water. Are not part of the oceans or seas.


They feed on groundwater and atmospheric precipitation (snow, rain).
Habitat of fish.
They are underground.


There are fresh (Baikal) and salty (Balkhash) lakes, and the rivers are always fresh.
The river has a beginning (source) and an end (mouth), a lake is a closed depression with water, which may not flow anywhere at all.
Origin: the lakes have arisen as a result of natural disasters (earthquake, karst process, etc.) or human activities (artificial lakes), the river makes the channel itself and can change it over time.
In the lake, the water temperature is more constant, in the river it fluctuates depending on the place of the current.

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