Compare the religious beliefs of the Greeks and Egyptians?

The ancient Greeks had a numerous, but strictly delineated pantheon of humanoid gods (Zeus, Apollo, Aphrodite, etc.) and demigods (heroes), and within this pantheon there was a rigid hierarchy. Ancient Greek gods and demigods behave in the same way as people behave, and, depending on their actions, certain events occur. The religion of the ancient Egyptians originated in primitive tribal communities and over 3000 years passed a long way of development to the complex theological systems of the East: from fetishism and totemism, to polytheism and monotheistic thinking – the recognition of a single cult of God Aton, theogony and cosmogony, cult, various myths, representations about the afterlife, the organization of the clergy (priesthood) and its position in society, the deification of the Pharaoh, etc.

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