Determine at what height in the Himalayas the snow line is located, if the temperature at the foot = +28.

The Himalayas are located between the Indo-Gangetic Plain (on the south side) and Tibet (on the north side). This temperature at the foot is + 28 °. We look at the climatic map, where such temperatures prevail in the Himalayas. We find out that this is the southern side of the Himalayas – where the predominance of subequatorial air masses (in summer they carry moisture to the foot of the Himalayas from the Bay of Bengal, where the air masses of the Indian Ocean come). There are no such high temperatures from the northern foot of the mountains. For the penetration of air masses from the ocean into the interior of the mainland, i.e. to the foot of the Himalayas on the south side, there are no obstacles (the Indo-Gangetic plain is an open area), it receives three times more precipitation than at the northern foot (where it is cold and dry). Next, we find at what latitudes the foothills with a given temperature are located – between 25-35 ° N. According to generally accepted geographical data, the height of the snow line at these latitudes is between 4900-5250 m.

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