Determine the genotype and phenotype of children if the parents have brown eyes.

Such parents may have the following genotype variants, despite the fact that they have a brown iris color: Dd and DD. The first option means that the genotype contains a suppressive gene (D), which is responsible for the brown color of the iris and recessive (d), which is responsible for the blue pigment, but is in an inactive state. The second option means the presence of both genes in a dominant form. Children of these parents will have the following genotypes:
1.P Dd X Dd
Г D, d X D, d
F1 DD, 2Dd, dd (25% will be blue and 75% will be brown)
2.P Dd X DD
Г D, d X D, D
F1 2DD, 2Dd (all brown)
D D, D X D, D
F1 4DD (all will be brown).

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