Differences between the Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras.

The climate of the Mesozoic era was warmer and more humid than the Cenozoic. At this time, there were the grandiose events of the collapse of the Pangea supercontinent and the formation of the Atlantic Ocean. The flora was distinguished by the predominance of gymnosperms, especially conifers. Angiosperms appear. Reptiles reign in the animal kingdom. Giant dinosaurs, flying lizards and more. The film “Jurassic Park” illustrates well the nature of the Earth at this time. At the turn of the Cenozoic and Mesozoic, there was a mass extinction of species, the reasons for which are not entirely clear to scientists. The continents in the Cenozoic era took on their modern shape and location. The climate became colder and drier, especially in the polar regions. Angiosperms began to predominate in the plant kingdom. Insects, birds and mammals have conquered continents. At the end of the Cenozoic, a man appeared. If we compare the geological history of the Earth with the dial of a clock, then the time of a person’s life is only one minute. The Cenozoic era continues to this day.

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