Features of the Pacific Ocean.

The Pacific Ocean is the largest deep-sea ocean on the planet, accounting for almost half of the area of ​​the World Ocean. located between Eurasia and Australia in the west, North and South America in the east, Antarctica in the south. The discovery and exploration of the ocean is associated with the names of great navigators such as Vasco de Balboa, Fernand Malellan, Ivan Kruzenshtern, Yuri Lisyansky. The largest sea, the waters of which belong to the Pacific Ocean basin, is the Philippine Sea. The widest and deepest strait in the world is also in the Pacific Ocean – this is the Drake Passage (between South America and Antarctica). The Pacific Ocean is located in all climatic zones (except for the Arctic), which determines its diversity of the organic world. The Pacific Ocean is a treasure trove of minerals. Ocean reserves exceed those of land-based minerals.

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