Find the amplitude, period, frequency, cyclic frequency of oscillations occurring according to the law x = 15 * cos 15 pt

Let us write down the oscillation law in general form: х = Хm cos wt.

Where Xm is the vibration amplitude,

w is the cyclic vibration frequency.

From the law of vibrations Xm = 15 m. (In the equation, the values are given in SI, unless otherwise stated)

Cyclic frequency w = 15P s-1.

The oscillation frequency n is determined by the formula: n = w / 2P.

Then n = 15 p s-1 / 2p = 7.5 Hz.

The oscillation period is T = 1 / n = 1 / 7.5 Hz = 0.13 s.

Answer: Xm = 15 m, T = 0.13 s, n = 7.5 Hz, w = 15P s-1.

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