Find the area of a triangle with a base of 5cm and a height of 8 / 9cm.

We need to find the area of the triangle.

We know that the area of an arbitrary triangle is equal to the product of half the length of the base a by the height h.

S = 1/2 * a * h

From the condition of the problem, we know that the triangle under consideration has a base length a = 5 centimeters, and a height h = 8/9 centimeters.

In this case, we can find the area of a given triangle by substituting the available base length and height values into our formula:

S = 1/2 * a * h = 1/2 * 5 * 8/9 = 5 * 4/9 = 20/9 = 2 2/9 cm. Sq.

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