Find the surface area of a cube if its volume is 216 cm 2.

The volume of such a cube was found by multiplying its dimensions (width, length, height).
And since in the cube they are all equal to each other, you can simply raise the value of any of the dimensions to the third power.
The reverse operation of raising to the third power is to extract the root of the same degree, that is, the third.
Find the third root of 216:
3√216 = 6.
We got that the edges of the cube are 6 cm.
Let’s find the area of one face:
6 * 6 = 36 (cm²).
There are 6 such faces in a cube, which means there are also 6 areas equal to 36 cm²:
36 * 6 = 216 (cm²).
ANSWER: The surface area is 216 cm².

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