How many grams of glycerin do you need to take to get 20 g of glycerin ethyl ester?

Let’s implement the solution:

Based on the data, we write down the equation of the process:
C3H5 (OH) 3 + 3C2H5OH = C3H5 (O) 3 – (C2H5) 3 + 3H2O – glycerin exhibits acidic properties and reacts with ethanol, the ethyl ester of glycerin is formed;

Calculations by formulas:
M (glycerol) = 92 g / mol;

M (ether) = 176 g / mol.

Let’s determine the amount of the product, if the mass is known:
Y (ether) = m / M = 20/176 = 0.1 mol;

Y (glycerol) = 0.1 mol since the amount of substances is 1 mol.

We find the mass of the original substance:
m (glycerin) = Y * M = 0.1 * 92 = 9.2 g

Answer: the mass of glycerin is 9.2 g

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