How many palace coups were there and what?

The stage of palace coups lasted from 1725 to 1761. There were only six palace coups. The first occurred with the accession to the throne of Catherine 1. Then the supreme power began to belong to the Supreme Privy Council. Under Peter 2, the power of this Council fades into the background and is in the hands of the emperor. Anna Ioannovna establishes the Cabinet of Ministers and the Secret Chancellery. The members of the Cabinet had the same powers as the emperor. From 1740 to 1741, the mother of Ivan Antonovich was on the throne (he himself did not ascend the throne, he died earlier). With her, the signatures of members of the Cabinet of Ministers correspond to the signature of the emperor. Under Elizaveta Petrovna, the Senate and the Secret Chancellery were created. The powers of the Senate are expanding. Under Peter 3, a Council was created, to which the Senate began to obey.

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