How much heat is needed to heat a 5 kg iron iron from 20 degrees to 300 degrees?

The amount of heat that will be spent on heating the iron iron:
Q = С * m * (tк – tн), where С is the specific heat of iron (С = 460 J / (kg * K)), m is the mass of an iron iron (m = 5 kg), tк is the final temperature of the iron (tк = 300 ºС), tн – initial temperature of the iron (tн = 20 ºС).
Let’s calculate the required amount of heat for heating the iron:
Q = С * m * (tк – tн) = 460 * 5 * (300 – 20) = 644000 J = 644 kJ.
Answer: To heat an iron iron, you need 644 kJ of heat.

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