How much heat will a brick kiln weighing 350 kg give if the temperature drops to 50 degrees during cooling?

Given: m (mass of a given brick oven) = 350 kg; Δt (decrease in the temperature of the brick oven during cooling) = 50 ºС.

Reference data: CK (specific heat capacity of a building (facing) brick) = 880 J / (kg * ºС).

The amount of heat that the brick oven will give when cooling is calculated by the formula: Q = Cк * m * Δt.

Calculation: Q = 880 * 350 * 50 = 15,400,000 J = 15.4 * 10 ^ 6 J = 15.4 MJ.

Answer: When the temperature drops by 50 ºС, the brick oven will give 15.4 MJ of heat.

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