How much heat will be released during cooling of 0.2 kg of oil by 10 ° C?

The amount of heat spent on heating the body is equal to the product of the specific heat capacity of the substance, body weight and the difference between the final and initial temperatures.
Q = c * m * (t2-t1), where c is the specific heat capacity of the substance, m is the mass of the substance, t2 and t1 are the final and initial temperatures, respectively.
The amount of heat released during cooling is equal to that spent on heating according to the law of conservation of energy.
Specific heat of oil according to the reference book:
c = 1700 J / (kg * K)
Δt = t2-t1 = 10 ° C does not need to be converted to SI.
Let’s determine the amount of heat:
Q = c * m * Δt
Substituting the numerical values, we get:
Q = c * m * Δt = 1700 * 0.2 * 10 = 3400 J.
Answer: 3400 J.

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