How much hydrogen can be added to ethylene with a volume of 50 liters?

The addition of hydrogen is called hydrogenation. Only unsaturated hydrocarbons can be subjected to this type of reaction. Saturated hydrocarbons are formed upon complete hydrogenation.

When ethylene is hydrogenated, ethane is formed. The reaction equation can be written as follows:

CH2 = CH2 + H2 -> CH3-CH3

The molar volume of gases is 22.4 l / mol. Let’s make the proportion:

50 liters of ethylene corresponds to X l. hydrogen like

22.4 l / mol of ethylene corresponds to 22.4 l / mol of hydrogen

X = 50 * 22.4 / 22.4 = 50 liters. hydrogen

Answer: 50 liters of hydrogen.

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