How much the original price has changed. If the original price is 1600. And the resulting value is 1728?

1. From the problem statement, we know that the initial cost is 1600 rubles. The original cost of the item is 100%.

2. Let’s calculate by how many rubles the price of the goods has changed in comparison with the original cost, if it is known that in the end its price was 1728 rubles.

1728 – 1600 = 128 rubles.

3. Next, we calculate the percentage of the change in the cost of the goods, if:

1600 rubles – 100%;

128 rubles – x%.

1600 * x = 100 * 128;

1600 * x = 12800;

x = 12800/1600;

x = 8%.

Answer: The price of the product has changed by 8%.

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