How was the government of the country organized at the end of the 17th century – the first half of the 18th century?

Management began from the moment when in 1712 St. Petersburg became the capital of Russia. But Moscow retained its significance as the largest historical and religious center and continued to play an important role in the political, economic and cultural life of the country. Russian tsars were crowned in the Kremlin’s Assumption Cathedral.

The city became more and more beautiful from year to year. After all, it was only in 1700 that the construction of paving stones began, which gradually replaced the wooden one. The first paved roads appeared in the 1870s. And since 1730, the illumination of the city began with hemp lanterns, which were later replaced by kerosene and gas lamps, where, since 1883, by electric lamps. The year 1789 began with the construction of the first aqueduct in Russia.

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