In 80 g of water, 20 g of salt was dissolved. Calculate the mass fraction of salt in the resulting solution.

The mass fraction of the solute is numerically equal to the ratio of the mass of the solute to the total mass of the solution or (the sum of the masses of salt and solvent). In our case, 20 grams of salt was dissolved in 80 grams of solvent (water). To start the calculation, let’s write the formula:
W (salt) = m plant solution / (m plant solution + m solvent) = m solution solution / m solution
W (salt) = 20 grams / (20 grams + 80 grams) = 20 grams / 100 grams = 0.2 or 20%.
Answer: the mass fraction of salt in the solution is 0.2 or 20%.

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