In a solution of what substance does phenolphthalein turn crimson? 1) Zn (OH) 22) NaOH3) BaCl24) H2SO4

Phenolphthalein is a substance of natural origin, belongs to acid-base indicators, changes color depending on the environment in which it enters. The medium is divided into neutral (the number of hydrogen ions in the solution is equal to the number of hydroxyl groups (H + 1 = OH-1), acidic (H + 1 is more than OH-1) and alkaline (H + 1 is less than OH-1). number 2 is caustic sodium, in solution it dissociates into sodium ions Na + 1 and hydroxide ions OH1-. Since there are many hydroxide ions in the solution, the medium becomes alkaline, phenolphthalein turns crimson.

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