List the sources by which scientists have recreated the history of ancient Greece.

First of all, it should be pointed out that the history of Ancient Greece is divided into three stages: the Cretan-Archean, classical and Hellenistic stages. During the Hellenistic period, Ancient Greece was undergoing an era of the highest power.
If we are talking about sources, then here we indicate the following. We obtain basic information about the life, culture, customs, history of the development of one or another people of the ancient world from written sources, tablets, chronicles, and various records. Ancient Greece was no exception, but the history of the development of Greece, plus everything, is also the era of the formation of philosophy, its development. This is the first flowering of literature, music, oratory, this is the time of great wars and battles. Therefore, one of the main sources by which it was possible to restore the history of the development of Ancient Greece were poems, poems, coins depicting rulers, swords and other weapons, biographical records and much more.

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