Make the equations, CH₄⇒C₂H₂⇒C₆H₆⇒C₆H₅Cl⇒C₆H₅OH

Let’s compose the reaction equations:
2СН4 = С2Н2 + 3Н2 – methane cracking is carried out at high temperatures on a coal catalyst;
3C2H2 = C6H6 – the trimerization reaction leads to the formation of benzene;
C6H6 + Cl2 = C6H5Cl + HCl – substitution reaction;
C6H5Cl + 2NaOH = 2C6H5ONa + H2O – exchange reaction, sodium phenolate is formed;
C6H5ONa + H2SO4 = C6H5OH + NaHSO4 – exchange reaction, phenol is formed.
The solved equations in the chain of transformations confirm the genetic relationship of alkanes, alkenes, aromatic hydrocarbons, aromatic alcohols.

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