Name the following acids: HBr, H3PO3, H2S, H2SiO3, H2SO3, HNO2, H3AsO4, H2CO3.

HBr – hydrogen bromide – a compound of bromine with hydrogen.

H3PO3 – phosphorous acid – dibasic in aqueous solutions, and formally a tricyclic acid of medium strength.

H₂S – hydrogen sulfide (hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen sulfide, dihydrosulfide) – a colorless gas with a sweetish taste that provides the smell of rotten chicken eggs.

H2SiO3 – silicic acid – very weak, slightly soluble in water.

H₂SO₃ – sulfurous acid – is an unstable dibasic inorganic acid of medium strength.

HNO₂ – nitrous acid – a weak monobasic acid, exists only in dilute aqueous solutions, colored in a weak blue color, and in the gas phase.

H₃AsO₄ – arsenic acid – (ortho-arsenic acid), a medium-strength tribasic acid.

H2CO3 – carbonic acid – a weak dibasic acid with a chemical formula, formed in small quantities when carbon dioxide dissolves in water, including carbon dioxide from the air.

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