Reaction equation: Chlorobenzene – ethylbenzene – benzoic acid.

Let’s compose the reaction equations for organic substances:
C6H5Cl + 2Na + C2H5Cl = C6H5 – C2H5 + 2NaCl – Wurtz reaction, occurs with the participation of metallic sodium, ethylbenzene is obtained;
5C6H5 – CH2 – CH3 + KMnO4 + 18H2SO4 = 5C6H5COOH + 5CO2 + 12MnSO4 + 6K2SO4 + 28H2O – oxidation of ethylbenzene with potassium permanganate in an acidic medium, benzoic acid is formed.
The reaction products are derivatives of benzene and have practical applications. Chlorobenzene is used as a solvent. Ethylbenzene is the basis in the production of plastics, benzoic acid is used in medicine in the treatment of burns.

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