Recover the chronology of the events of the first and second civil wars in England.

Civil wars in England in the 17th century began due to the confrontation between the king and Parliament. In 1642, it developed into a military conflict between “roundheads” and “cavaliers”. With the formation of a new army by Cromwell, the supporters of Parliament gained the upper hand at the Battle of Naseby. The king fled to Scotland, where he surrendered. After negotiations with Scotland, the king was returned to the British in the spring of 1647 for ransom. Negotiations began between Charles the First and Parliament on a new form of government that would limit the king’s power. The army intervened in the negotiations. Seeing this, the king fled and organized a royalist uprising in 1648. The Second Civil War began. With the victory at Preston in the summer of 1648, Parliament again took over. The king was captured, accused of treason to his people, and executed in 1649.

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