Similarities and differences between the Cretan-Mycenaean civilization and the civilization of the ancient east.

The Cretan-Mycenaean civilization was one of the first cultures in Europe. The civilizations of the Ancient East arose in Asia. These civilizations had certain similarities and differences.

What are the similarities between these civilizations
They originated in about 4 thousand years ago. At that time, people used similar instruments of labor, they kept a similar economy. Therefore, European and Eastern civilizations have many features in common. They should be specified in more detail:

the central figure was the king. He possessed unlimited power and could control the lives of his subjects;
the king had the right to perform priestly functions. Initially, it was the king who was the high priest and represented his people before the gods;
there were no representative authorities. The king’s power was not limited to anything. However, people had the right to private property, trade was actively developing.
These features are characteristic of both named civilizations.

What are the differences between them
The differences were more fundamental. The similarities were due to the common interests of all states and the natural course of history. And the differences made these civilizations enemies of each other:

in the states of the Ancient East, the king was deified. He was considered the son of the gods and was almost equal to them. Therefore, many rulers after death were deified and became gods. There were no such cases in the Cretan-Mycenaean civilization;
society in the Cretan-Mycenaean states was more mobile. There were frequent cases of the rise of commoners. And in the eastern kingdoms, society was more closed. In fact, it was caste, as in India;
Crete-Mycenaean civilization knew general meetings of citizens. All significant issues were resolved on them. They did not limit the power of the king, but the king was forced to listen to the opinion of his subjects. For the civilizations of the Ancient East, the expression by the people of their opinion in one form or another was generally not typical.

Thus, these civilizations had more differences and they were more fundamental. This is the absence of popular assemblies in the East, the inertness of society and the deification of kings.

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