Similarities between white toadstool and champignon.

Walking through the forest and picking mushrooms, you need to be extremely careful, because most of them have doubles or they are also called “false mushrooms”. Of course, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish good from poisonous even for professional mushroom pickers, but many can cause irreparable harm to health. Therefore, if you nevertheless ventured to go mushrooming and are looking for certain, for example, champignons, you need to know how they are similar to their false counterparts:

– the place of growth (near anthills, in an open area – in a field, in a park zone, in forest glades);

– identical sizes (cap – about 15 cm, leg – from 6 to 15 cm);

– the presence of rings inherent in this species (in toadstools it falls over time, fades. And in the champignon it remains unchanged and covers the bottom of the cap almost entirely);

– both have plates under the cap (differ in color).

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