The angles of the triangle are in the ratio of 5: 7: 12. Prove that this triangle is right-angled and find its sharp corners.

1) Determine what is the sum of the numbers in relation to the angles of the triangle.

5 + 7 + 12 = 24;

2) Find out how many degrees are there in one part.

180/24 = 7.5 degrees.

3) Determine what the degree measure of one corner of the triangle is equal to.

7.5 * 5 = 37.5 degrees.

4) What is the degree measure of the second angle of the triangle?

7.5 * 7 = 52.5 degrees.

5) What is the degree measure of the third angle of the triangle.

7.5 * 12 = 90 degrees.

Answer: Since one of the angles of the triangle is 90 degrees, this triangle is right-angled. One acute angle is 37.5 degrees, the other is 52.5 degrees.

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