The athlete lifted a barbell weighing 200 kg to a height of 2 m in 4 s. In doing so, he developed what power?

An athlete’s power can be calculated using the formula:
P = A / t, where A is the athlete’s work when lifting the barbell (A = Ft * h, where Ft is the acting gravity (Ft = m * g, where m is the weight of the bar (m = 200 kg), g is the acceleration of the free fall (we take g = 10 m / s ^ 2)), h is the height to which the bar was raised (h = 2 m)), t is the time of lifting the bar (t = 4 s).
Let’s calculate the power of the athlete when lifting the barbell:
P = A / t = m * g * h / t = 200 * 10 * 2/4 = 1000 W = 1 kW.
Answer: The power of the athlete when lifting the barbell is 1 kW.

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