The composition of the peoples and states in Egypt and Mesopotamia?

In Egypt, from the turn of the 4th and 3rd millennia BC. the state was unified, but different dynasties ruled in it, for example, in the II millennium BC. they could have been the Hyksos who came from the northern shores of the Red Sea. In the III-II century BC. in Egypt, a dynasty from Macedonia ruled and the ancient Greeks were added to the peoples living there.

In addition to the Egyptians, the state lived: Libyans, Nubians, Jews, Philistines.

In Mesopotamia, the states were: Sumer, Akkad, Mari, Assyria, the Babylonian kingdom, the Persian empire and the Seleucid empire. The peoples lived as follows: Jews (they were moved there during the period of the New Babylonian kingdom), Sumerians, Persians, Assyrians.

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