The conductor has a resistance of 80 Ohm. How much heat will be released in it in 10 s at a current of 0.3 A?


I = 0.3 Ampere – current in the electrical circuit;

R = 80 Ohm – conductor resistance;

t = 10 seconds – time span.

It is required to determine Q (Joule) – how much heat will be released in the conductor over a period of time t.

Let’s find the voltage at the ends of the conductor (according to Ohm’s law):

U = I * R = 0.3 * 80 = 24 Volts.

Then the power of the electric current is equal to:

W = U * I = 24 * 0.3 = 7.2 watts.

The work of the current strength for a period of time t will be equal to:

A = W * t = 7.2 * 10 = 72 Joules.

This work will be numerically equal to the amount of heat released, that is:

Q = A = 72 Joules.

Answer: 72 Joules of heat will be released through the conductor in 10 seconds.

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