The dependence of the speed on time is given, describe the movement and determine its characteristics Vx = -5 + 2t.

x (t) = – 5 + 2 * t.

When moving with constant acceleration, the projection of the speed Vx (t) onto the axis OX has the following dependence: Vx (t) = V0x + ax * t, where V0x is the projection of the initial speed, and ax is the projection of the acceleration onto the OX axis.

We have a dependence Vx (t) = – 5 + 2 * t.

The projection of the initial velocity is V0x = – 5 m / s, the “-” sign shows that at first the body moved in the opposite direction to the direction of the ОХ axis.

The acceleration projection is ax = 2 m / s2.

The body first moved in the opposite direction of the OX axis, braked to a complete stop, and then begins to move in the direction of the OX axis, increasing its speed.

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