The die is rolled twice to find the probability that the highest of the two numbers rolled is 5.

The probability of event A – the number 5 will be the highest of the dropped out:
P (A) = m / n, where
m = is the number of favorable outcomes;
n is the total number of outcomes;
n = 6 6 = 36 – since the events are independent;
Favorable outcomes – the first time, 5 points will be dropped, and the second – any, except 6 (5 events), or vice versa, the second time, 5 points will be dropped, and the first any, except 6 (5 events). Only 10 events, but the option – both times dropped 5 points was counted twice;
Then n = 5 + 5 – 1 = 9;
The probability will be:
P (A) = 9/36 = 0.25;
Answer: The probability that the largest of the two drawn numbers is 5, P (A) = 0.25.

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