The difference between the two angles at the intersection is 178 degrees. Calculate all the angles at the intersection.

When two straight lines intersect, four corners are obtained. Opposite angles are equal, and the sum of adjacent angles is 180 degrees. Since the difference between two adjacent angles is 178 degrees, and their sum is 180 degrees, we have a system of equations: x – y = 178, x + y = 180. Let us express x from the first equation through y: x = 178 + y, substitute the value of x into the second equation: 178 + y + y = 180, 2y = 180 – 178, 2y = 2, y = 1 degree, the second angle is: x = 178 + 1 = 179 degrees.
Answer: when two straight lines intersect, four angles are formed: 1 degree, 1 degree, 179 degrees and 179 degrees.

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