The elevator rises at a speed of 2.5 m / s. How long does it take for the elevator to rise to a height of 50 m?


Vlift = 2.5 m / s;

S = 50 meters.

To find:

t -?


To find the time for which the elevator will travel a distance of 50 meters at a given speed, we will apply the formula to calculate the speed.

Let’s remember her:

V = S / t;

The speed is equal to the ratio of the distance traveled to the time spent on it.

Let us express the time from the formula using identical transformations.

t * V = S;

t = S / V.

It remains only to substitute the values into the resulting formula and calculate:

t = 50 m / 2.5 m / s = 20 s.

Answer: 20 s.

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