The midline of the trapezoid is 25 and the smaller base is 17. Find the largest base of the trapezoid.

To answer the question of the problem, namely to find the second base of the trapezoid, we will solve the equations.

To do this, we will apply the formula to find the midline of the trapezoid.

From the condition it is known that the middle line of the trapezoid is 25 cm.And it is also known that one of the bases is 17 cm.

The middle line of a trapezoid can be found using the formula:

(a + b) / 2 = m;

Let’s denote by x cm the length of the second base and get the equation:

(17 + x) / 2 = 25;

17 + x = 25 * 2;

17 + x = 50;

x = 50 – 17;

x = 33 cm length of the second base.

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