The nature and use of the Atlantic Ocean.

The comparatively young Atlantic Ocean, stretching from subarctic latitudes to the southern continent of Antarctica, is of great importance in human life. Its development by man began since ancient times, it was here that ancient civilizations were located

A distinctive feature of the relief of the Atlantic seabed is the stretching middle ridge. The climate is diverse, as the ocean crosses all climatic zones of the Earth. A feature of the ocean is the presence of a large number of icebergs, because of this, the northern latitudes are dangerous for navigation. Among the fish you can find here: cod, herring, mackerel, sea bass and many others. In the polar latitudes of the ocean, you can meet whales and seals.

At present, the Atlantic is a place of active fishing and hunting. On the shelves, oil and other minerals are extracted, but this leads to a deterioration of the ecological environment of the ocean.

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