The only child of myopic and brown-eyed parents has blue eyes and normal vision.

The only child of myopic and brown-eyed parents has blue eyes and normal vision. Determine the probability of birth in this family a) brown-eyed children; b) brown-eyed short-sighted children c) dominant digomozygotes.

A – brown eye color, a – blue eye color, B – myopia, b – normal. If a child with blue eyes and normal vision was born to brown-eyed and short-sighted parents, then they are heterozygous for both characteristics.

Parents: AaBb × AaBb

Gametes: AB Ab AB Ab

aB ab aB ab

Prospective offspring: AABB brown-eyed myopic, AABb brown-eyed myopic, AaBB brown-eyed myopic, AaBb brown-eyed, short-sighted, AABb brown-eyed, myopic, AAbb brown-eyed with normal vision, AaBb brown-eyed, short-sighted, AaBb brown-eyed, myopic, Aabb nearsighted, aaBB blue-eyed, myopic, aaBb blue-eyed, myopic, AaBb brown-eyed, myopic, Aavb brown-eyed with normal vision, aaBb blue-eyed, myopic, aavb blue-eyed with normal vision. Splitting by phenotype: 9 (c. B.): 3 (c. N.): 3 (g. B.): 1 (g. N.).

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