The perimeter of the rectangle is 48 cm, the base is 4 cm more than the height. Find the height of the rectangle.

Knowing that the perimeter of a rectangle consists of 4 sides (two widths and two lengths), we find the sum of the values of the length and width of the rectangle. To do this, divide the perimeter of the rectangle 48 cm by 2. As a result, we will teach 24 cm. By the condition of the problem, the length (base) of the rectangle is 4 cm greater than the width (height) of the rectangle. Let’s introduce the variable “X” – the value of the width (height) of the rectangle. Let’s make the equation, X + X + 4 = 24 or 2X = 20. Hence, X = 10 cm.
Answer: The height of the rectangle will be 10 cm.

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